Jennifer Revis



EU customs legislation is undergoing some significant changes from 1 May 2016 with the implementation of the Union Customs Code (“UCC”). The changes implemented by the UCC will have significant practical and financial implications for businesses importing into or exporting from the EU. The three key changes under the UCC will be:

  • Changes to customs valuation rules;
  • Introduction of compulsory guarantees; and
  • Introduction of benefits for holders of the AEO Customs Simplifications (“AEOC”) status.

Those using ATA Carnets, including freight agents, originating from Ukraine should be aware that the ATA Carnets issued by the Chambers of Commerce for Crimea and Sevastopol are no longer accepted in the EU. HM Revenue & Customs, the UK Customs authority, published Customs Information Paper (14) 74 today announcing this development. For ease of reference, ATA Carnets originating in Crimea and Sevastopol will start with the reference numbers UA / 13 and UA /…