The first designated party listings under Australia’s Magnitsky-style thematic sanctions regime took effect on 30 March 2022.  This sanctions regime came into operation in December 2021.

The new designated party listings target Russian individuals who the Minister believes were responsible for the corruption exposed by Sergei Magnitsky and individuals involved in his subsequent abuse and death.

The list published includes 39 Russian individuals who are now the subject of designated party sanctions and travel bans. The Minister has designated 14 individuals under the serious corruption category and 25 individuals under the serious violations or abuse of human rights category. 

The parties listed are now subject to designated party sanctions, including:

  1. a prohibition on directly or indirectly making an asset available to, or for the benefit of, a designated person; and
  2. a prohibition on holding a designated person’s asset and using, dealing with, allow the use of or dealing with, or facilitating the use of or dealing with, a designated person’s asset.