The EU has today introduced a media ban that applies to the following Russian channels:

  • RT- Russia Today English
  • RT- Russia Today UK
  • RT – Russia Today Germany
  • RT – Russia Today France
  • RT- Russia Today Spanish
  • Sputnik

All EU broadcasting licences and authorisations and any transmission and distribution arrangements for these channels are suspended.

Operators cannot broadcast or enable, facilitate or otherwise contribute to broadcast, any content by these entities. This includes transmission or distribution by any means such as cable, satellite, IP-TV, internet service providers, internet video-sharing platforms or applications.


Ross Evans is a Senior Associate in the EU, Competition and Trade team in London, who specializes in advising companies in the technology, telecoms, engineering, and fintech sectors on how to manage a rapidly changing landscape of competition/antitrust, trade law, and national security and investment regimes. He regularly advises clients in relation to UK public interest intervention rules and national security and investment issues, and on global foreign investment review strategy, leveraging his expertise in trade and export control laws and competition merger control regimes, and an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies.