The EU Commission has today outlined its proposals for additional sanctions against Russia. See here for the full press statement.

The EU Commission is proposing that the EU:

  • Designates additional individuals and entities: These will include the Russian administrative entities of occupied Ukrainian territory (Donetsk People’s Republic, Luhansk People’s Republic, Kherson Military-Civilian Administration and Zaporizhzhia Military-Civilian Administration); officials in the Russian Ministry of Defence and those supplying the Russian Armed Forces; individuals who facilitated the recent referenda; propagandists; and individuals that facilitate the circumvention of sanctions.
  • Expands the designation criteria so that individuals that contribute to the circumvention of EU sanctions can be designated.
  • Imposes additional import bans on Russian products.
  • Introduces additional export bans of EU products covering aviation, chemical components and electronic components.
  • Prohibits EU citizens from sitting on the boards of Russian State Owned Entities.
  • Introduces additional bans on providing EU services into Russia.
  • Adopts the G7’s price cap on Russian oil for third parties.
  • Extends the geographical scope of restrictions applying to Crimea, Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR approved at the beginning of 2022 to cover all areas of Ukraine not controlled by the Ukrainian Government.

Please note that these are the Commission’s proposals. The EU member states now need to approve them, for which unanimity is required.