In a statement made on the 5th of April, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the EU Commission outlined EU proposals for additional sanctions against Russia.

The new measures will include:

  • An import ban on coal from Russia, worth EUR 4 billion per year.
  • A full transaction ban on four key Russian banks. The President of the EU Commission mentioned that VTB, the second largest Russian bank, will be one of the four banks.
  • A ban on Russian vessels and Russian-operated vessels from accessing EU ports. Certain exemptions will cover essentials, such as agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid as well as energy. Additionally, there will be a ban on Russian and Belarusian road transport operators.
  • Further targeted export bans, worth EUR 10 billion, in areas such as quantum computers and advanced semiconductors, but also sensitive machinery and transportation equipment.
  • New import bans, worth EUR 5.5 billion, on products from wood to cement and from seafood to liquor.
  • A number of very targeted measures, such as a general EU ban on participation of Russian companies in public procurement in Member States, or an exclusion of all financial support, be it European or national, to Russian public bodies.
  • Further listings of individuals and entities.

These proposals will be discussed by the EU Member States with a view to obtaining a unanimous agreement among the 27 member states.