On 29 December 2018, the Russian Prime Minister signed Resolution No. 1716-83 implementing an import ban with respect to the Ukrainian goods.  The import ban was introduced within the framework of the Russian countersanctions against Ukraine adopted under Presidential Decree No. 592 dated 22 October 2018.

The list of goods affected by the measure include agricultural products, raw materials, food products, industrial goods and certain personal hygiene products listed according to their names and HS classification codes.

Per Resolution No. 1716-83 such goods are prohibited from entering Russia if they (i) originate from Ukraine, (ii) are supplied from Ukraine, or (iii) have been in transit through the territory of Ukraine.

The import ban does not apply to those goods which will be transited through Russia to third countries (subject to certain conditions, such as if the goods will be transited under the Russian customs convoy regime).

Resolution No. 1716-83 entered into force immediately upon signing.