On 16 December 2019, the Russian Government signed Resolution No. 1685, which expanded an import ban with respect to Ukrainian goods.

The list of banned goods initially introduced by Resolution of the Russian Government No. 1716-83 dated 29 December 2018now includes cornstarch, glucose and fructose, a number of medical goods (such as medical stoppers, hot-water bags, ball syringes), radiators, central-heating boilers and waste paper.  These goods are prohibited from entering Russia if they (i) originate from Ukraine, (ii) are supplied from Ukraine, or (iii) have been in transit through the territory of Ukraine.

The same day the Russian Government signed Resolution No. 1692, which amended the list of Ukrainian citizens subject to special economic measures of Russia.

The special economic measures initially introduced by Resolution of the Russian Government No. 1300, dated 1 November 2018, include: (a) the blocking/ freezing of non-cash funds, non-documentary securities and property located within the Russian Federation, and (b) a ban on the transfer of money from Russia abroad. Nine more individuals, including state officials and deputies of the city council of Odessa region of Ukraine, were sanctioned.  Two individuals were de-listed.  The total number of the Ukrainian individuals sanctioned by Russia now amounts to 574.

Both Resolutions entered into force on 17 December 2019.