Russia has introduced additional sanctions against Ukraine, including banning the export of oil and oil products.

Governmental Resolution No. 460-25, adopted on 18 April 2019 with immediate effect, sets out the following new Russian sanctions on Ukraine:

  1. Further extends the list of banned imports introduced by Resolution No. 1716-83. The list, which initially included agricultural products, raw materials, food products, industrial goods and certain personal hygiene products, now also covers certain engineering products, light industry goods and metalwork products listed according to their names and HS classification codes.
  2. These goods are prohibited from entering Russia if they (i) originate from Ukraine, (ii) are supplied from Ukraine, or (iii) have been in transit through the territory of Ukraine.
  3. Lists products that can not be exported from Russia to Ukraine. The list covers oil, oil products and other goods identified by their names and HS classification codes.
  4. Introduces a list of products that, starting from June 1, 2019, can not be exported from Russia to Ukraine without permission from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The list includes certain fuel and energy products specified in accordance with their names and HS classification codes.

According to the Russian Prime Minister, Resolution No. 460-25 was adopted in response to Ukraine’s recent decision to expand its own list of products the importation of which from Russia to Ukraine is prohibited.