In response to the situation in Ukraine, the Office of the President of Taiwan indicated in a news release of February 23, “As a member of the international community, Taiwan is willing to participate in all efforts that contribute to a peaceful resolution of this dispute.”. On February 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release condemned Russia and announced that the government of Taiwan will join international economic sanctions against Russia. On the same day the Minister of Economic Affairs also indicated in reply to press questions that Taiwan will review exports to Russia strictly. Taiwan has had an export control regime in place since 1990. Currently the main control list basically adopts the EU’s military list and dual-use list. In response to the above position, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, the agency responsible for Taiwan’s export control regime, issued a news release on March 1, indicating that Taiwan is willing to participate in international society as a society member and the BOFT will review exports to Russia strictly. At this stage, there is no specific or further sanction against Russia by Taiwan. We will continue to monitor further developments.