On 13 April 2021, a new import ban will come into effect on 24 new categories of products originating from the Russian Federation. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution[1] amending the list of products prohibited for import into Ukraine from the Russian Federation, which was previously approved by its Resolution No. 1147 dated 30 December 2015 “On Banning the Import of Products Originating in the Russian Federation into the Customs Territory of Ukraine.” The new categories of products include, among others:

  • wheat and a mixture of wheat and rye (meslin)
  • sunflower, safflower or cottonseed oils and their fractions (both refined and unrefined)
  • surfactants (including those packaged for retail trade)
  • detergents and cleaning products (including those packaged for retail trade)
  • equipment for drilling rocks or soils, including their parts
  • certain steel products
  • certain types of paper and cardboard, including toilet paper and packaging bags

The import ban is effective until 31 December 2021 but will most likely be extended for another year. In addition, according to Ukraine’s deputy minister of economic development, trade and agriculture, the list of products banned for import from the Russian Federation may be further expanded with new products shortly.

[1]Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 269 dated 1 April 2021 “On Amendments to the List of Products Banned for Import into the Customs Territory of Ukraine from the Russian Federation,” becoming effective from 13 April 2021.


Hanna Shtepa is a Senior Associate of the Kyiv office of Baker McKenzie specializing in economic sanctions, export controls, international supplies of goods and services, public procurement regulations. She has significant experience on advising clients on supplies to Ukraine, participation in Ukrainian public procurement tenders, special regime of trade and business activities in the Crimea and uncontrolled territories in the East of Ukraine, Ukrainian sanctions restrictions against Russia. Hanna is experienced in drafting and negotiation of supply contracts, including procurement contracts for public needs, trade compliance policies and trade finance agreements. Hanna held a number of training and presentations for Ukrainian banks and corporate clients on compliance with Ukrainian sanctions and special trade regimes with the Crimea and uncontrolled territories in the East of Ukraine. She is one of the contributors to Baker McKenzie sanctions blog.