The Baker McKenzie International Commercial and Trade team is delighted to invite you to watch our latest mini webinar series on some key recent trade developments. This webinar covering the recent sanctions against the regime in Belarus will last only 30 minutes, and is intended to give you an overview of the developments, and the key takeaways to ensure compliance by your business. See below for more details.

Belarus Sanctions

The US, the EU, the UK and Canada introduced tougher and wide ranging sanctions against the Lukashenko regime in Belarus. This targets dealings with a number of high profile businesses and individuals, not only in Belarus, but also in Russia – a number of the sanctions designations have had a material impact on business dealings in a broad array of sectors. Sectoral sanctions have also been introduced covering dealings related to the finance, energy, dual-use, potash and tobacco sectors. Despite the coordination of the new sanctions announcements, there are some important differences across the 4 regimes.

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