Over the past week, Australia has made several additions to its autonomous sanctions measures targeting Russia. Of particular note:

  • Australia has expanded the list of individuals and entities subject to the designated party sanctions (and travel bans). The additions to the list include:
    1. Individuals including Russian oligarchs, political and economic elites, and current or former members of the Russian government. The list also includes individuals identified as family members of oligarchs which the government indicated it would do when it added the expanded Russian designated party sanctions provision into the Autonomous Sanctions Regulations in late February 2022.
    2. 11 Russian financial institutions. Some added entities were previously listed under the sanctioned commercial activities measures.
  • Australia has expanded its list of import sanctioned goods from Russia. The new list includes goods such as oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas and coal.  These measures commence 25 April 2022.
  • Finally, Australia also expanded its export sanctioned goods for Russia, which now includes aluminium ores and concentrates, artificial corundum, other aluminium oxide, aluminium hydroxide. These measures commenced 20 March 2022.