This 30-minute webinar hosted by our cyber experts Paul Glass in London and Cyrus Vance in New York, will discuss the cyber-related risks to businesses from this ever evolving situation related to Russia-Ukraine, and how they can prepare today to mitigate risks including:

  • Grey zone and hybrid cyber activity, and how it can affect companies
  • Practical considerations and steps that companies can take now to prepare in the context of the changing threat landscape
  • Public / private partnership in supporting cyber resilience
  • Engagement with law enforcement

Paul Glass is a partner in London and leads the cyber and data breach practice in the UK.  Cyrus Vance is a partner in New York and was until December 2021 the Manhattan District Attorney.  In that role, Cyrus co-founded New York City’s Cyber Critical Infrastructure Task Force to address risk and prevent cyberattacks on New York’s critical infrastructure, and co-founded the Global Cyber Alliance, a cross-border and cross-sector consortium to advise membership on every continent on cyber risks and cyberattack prevention. Cristina Messerschmidt is a senior associate in the privacy and security practice in Chicago, and regularly advises clients on domestic and global security events, and engagement with law enforcement and government agencies on data security and cyber. The panel session will be moderated by Sunny Mann, global chair of our International Commercial and Trade Practice Group.

We hope you are able to join us for this webinar on Tuesday, 22 February 2022. The webinar will begin at 15:00 GMT. Please click here to register for the webinar.