The Japanese government introduced further sanctions against Russia on 10 May 2022. These include:

Designations of additional Russian individuals and entities

The Japanese government designated an additional 8 individuals related to the Russian Federation and 133 individuals of People’s Republic of Donetsk and People’s Republic of Luhansk and subjected them to the following sanctions:

  • Restrictions on payments – a license is required to make a payment to the designated persons or entities.      
  • Restrictions on capital transactions – a license is required on capital transactions, including deposits, trusts, and loan contracts, etc., with the designated person or entities.

The list of newly designated persons/entities is available at:

Export ban on Designated entities of the Russian Federation

On 10 May 2022, the Japanese government designated an additional 71 entities to the Russian Federation Specially Designated Entities, which are subject to export ban.

The list of newly designated entities is available at:

Export ban on state of the art products

Effective 10 May 2022, the Japanese government introduced the export ban on advanced products.

Additional subject items including related technologies are as follows:

・ catalyzer for petroleum refining

・ quantum computer, other equipment utilizing the features of quantum and accessories and parts thereof

・ electron microscope, atomic force microscope, other microscope and equipment designed to be used with these microscopes

・ 3D printer and powdered metal and metal alloy to be used with them

・ manufacturing equipment for organic light-emitting diode, organic field effect transistor and organic solar cell

・ manufacturing equipment for micro electric machine system

・ manufacturing equipment for fuel made from hydrogen, which is limited to what is made using solar, wind and other renewable energy, and solar battery of high energy conversion efficiency

・ vacuum pump and vacuum indicator related with quantum technology

・ cooling system for very low temperature and accessories equipment thereof and parts thereof related with quantum technology

・ equipment to remove cover and encapsulant from integrated circuits  

・ photodetector which has high quantum yield related with quantum technology

・ machine tool and parts thereof and numerical control for machine tool

・ material improving functions of preventing detection by electromagnetic wave (metamaterial), alloy consisting of same ratio of multiple chemical element (high-entropy alloy), and other advanced material (some parts are related with quantum technology)

・ electroconductive polymer, electrically semiconductive polymer and polymer with electroluminescence feature

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To view Japan’s lists of currently designated persons/entities, click on these links: Russian FederationSpecially designated banks in the Russian FederationRussian government and its governmental organizations subject to prohibition of issuance or subscription of securities, Russian Specially Designated entities (1),  (2) and (3), Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, and Republic of Belarus.



1. 資産凍結等の対象となるロシア連邦関係者8個人,「ドネツク人民共和国」(自称)及び「ルハンスク人民共和国」(自称)の関係者133個人の指定


(1) 支払い等の許可制

(2) 資本取引(預金契約,信託契約及び金銭の貸付契約)等の許可制

2. ロシア連邦の特定団体への輸出等に係る禁止措置






・ 石油精製用の触媒

・ 量子計算機その他の量子の特性を利用した装置及びその附属装置並びにこれらの部分品

・ 電子顕微鏡、原子間力顕微鏡その他の顕微鏡及びこれらの顕微鏡とともに使用するように設計した装置

・ 積層造形用の装置(3Dプリンター)並びにこれに用いられる粉末状の金属及び金属合金

・ 有機発光ダイオード、有機電界効果トランジスター及び有機太陽電池の製造用の装置

・ 微小な電気機械システムの製造用の装置

・ 水素(太陽光、風力その他の再生可能エネルギーを利用して製造するものに限る。)を原料とする燃料及び変


・ 真空ポンプ及び真空計(量子技術関連)

・ 極低温用に設計した冷却装置及びその附属装置並びにこれらの部分品(量子技術関連)

・ 集積回路から蓋及び封止材料を除去するための装置

・ 量子収率の高い光検出器(量子技術関連)

・ 工作機械及びその部分品並びに工作機械用の数値制御装置

・ 電磁波による探知を困難にする機能を向上させる材料(メタマテリアル)、ほぼ等しい割合の複数の元素で構成された合


・ 導電性高分子、半導電性高分子及び電界発光の性質を有する高分子







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