The Japanese government introduced further sanctions against Russia on 26 May 2023.  These include:

Designations of additional Russian individuals and entities

The Japanese government designated an additional 17 individuals and 78 entities related to the Russian Federation and 7 individuals who were judged to be directly related with the “annexation” of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol or the destabilization of the eastern part of Ukraine or who are connected with the eastern and southern part of Ukraine and were judged to be directly related with the “incorporation” act by the Russian Federation and subjected them to the following sanctions:

  • Restrictions on payments – A license is required to make a payment to the designated persons or entities.      
  • Restrictions on capital transactions – A license is required for capital transactions, including deposits, trusts, and loan contracts, etc., with the designated person or entities.

Export ban to the designated entities of Russian Federation

Effective 2 June 2023, the Japanese government introduced an export ban to the 80 entities of the Russian Federation, which were designated by the Notice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated May 26, 2023.

Export ban on industrial infrastructure reinforcement related  goods to the Russian Federation

The Japanese government will introduce an export ban on industrial infrastructure reinforcement related goods to the Russian Federation.  

*The details of this measure will be announced later.

Service ban to the Russian Federation

The Japanese government will introduce a service ban on construction service and engineering service.

*This measure will be designated in the notice later.

The list of newly designated persons/ entities is available here.

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To view Japan’s lists of currently designated persons/entities, click on these links: Russian FederationSpecially designated banks in the Russian FederationRussian government and its governmental organizations subject to prohibition of issuance or subscription of securities, Russian Specially Designated entities (1),  (2)(3),  (4), (5), (6), (7) and (8). Belarusian Specially Designated entities (1) and (2)Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, and Republic of Belarus.



I. 資産凍結等の対象となるロシア連邦の関係者(17個人・78団体)及びクリミア自治共和国及びセヴァストーポリ特別市のロシア連邦への「併合」又はウクライナ東部の不安定化に直接関与していると判断される者並びにロシア連邦による「編入」と称する行為に直接関与していると判断されるウクライナの東部・南部地域の関係者と判断される者(7個人)の指定


(1) 支払い等の許可制

(2) 資本取引(預金契約,信託契約及び金銭の貸付契約)等の許可制




III. ロシア連邦の産業基盤強化に資する物品の輸出の禁止措置



IV. ロシア連邦向けのサービスの提供の禁止措置










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